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Weekly Audit 2: What Do You Love Most About Yourself?

This week’s audit question is… “What do you love most about yourself?” Let’s see.

Something I find most interesting in society are the amount of stories there are to be told. My story is what I love, as it’s produced countless gems that have morphed me into the individual l am today.

The writing’s on my wall are what keep me driven and what give me the capacity to learn from any hiccups life may conjure. Through all of the tough times I’ve experienced in life, I’ve learned to welcome failure.

You see, with each mistake comes a lesson learned; another gem.

I’ve had plenty a lesson in my thirty-one years in the land of the living. Those lessons, and the evolution that comes along with them, are what keep me on track.


Now it’s your turn! Answer the question with your partner or friends, and share your responses in the comments. Off you go!

Gays in the Life began years ago as a project to help sharpen my writing chops. With each post and each year that passed by, the blog began to morph into something quite different and traveled a variety of creative avenues. Gays in the Life is a lifestyle blog discussing topics in marriage, relationships, life as a young professional, and adventures in living a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy! And thanks for reading, *J

5 comments on “Weekly Audit 2: What Do You Love Most About Yourself?

  1. I like your answers better than anything I could come up with. Inspiring!!

  2. Jessica N

    First of all, I’m impressed by the inspiring answers you gave! I find it quite hard to “compliment” myself since it can seem cocky. However, if I had to name one thing about myself I love, it would have to be my ambition, which gives me the ability to achieve whatever I want to achieve.

    • Hey, that’s awesome! I completely understand. It took me a bit of time to be able to compliment myself out loud. Being able to face the bad and also accept the successes is one crazy ride to amazing.

    • And thanks so much for participating! 🙂

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