A New Toy for the Blog

What’s next for Gays in the Life? It’s been a couple years – CRAZY – so now it’s time to push the boundaries of the creative writing/blogging box I’ve been inhabiting. Writing will always be the priority for me, so how do I incorporate that into today’s social-media-driven world?


A little under two weeks ago, I revisited the video editing world with footage from our Formation World Tour weekend. After spending a few days tinkering with editing and completing the project, I found that this is something Gays in the Life can begin to do regularly if we stepped up our game a bit. I ordered this universal iPhone mount from Amazon (it was only $10!) after learning about the tool from a YouTuber Shameless Maya. I have a feeling this new mount will help us get some good footage while we’re cooking, traveling, working out and…

I can’t give away all the surprises, now… But I’ll leave you with the anxious, creative joy I have for our new filming toy. It should be here Friday!




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