Ceiling Fan Thoughts 

(Written using the Flowstate app, 5 min setting.)

What’s on my mind? Headphones on, I lay here playing with music options and staring at the fan go ’round above me. I’m thinking about how I need to get out of this lazy funk I’ve been in lately. It’s not even cold outside, yet, so I can’t blame winter. Work life has calmed down, although S still has a little bit of school left. I can’t wait until that’s done. I’d like to have my hubs back, please.
I’ve taken some time off from posting on the blog. That’s mostly because I’ve had to evaluate how much I’d like to have on my plate. I started the blog as a way to keep my writing chops polished and conditioned; experiment with my voice and see how I developed. This was only to help me prepare for the writing of a book I’ve had outlined since 2010.
Now the blog is becoming a life of its own. What to do? I may need to consider taking time away from one project – that’s obviously not the blog. I can still write and work on the book, but that production is about to slow down. Juggling too much at once could harm my intended goals more than aid them. I wonder what this will turn into; Gays in the Life. I’m anxious to see.


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