Gays in the Life Does The Formation World Tour – St. Louis, MO

We had such a blast seeing BEYONCE last weekend! I’m already wanting more and will ABSOLUTELY be in attendance at the next tour. Check out some of our footage from the weekend here 🙂

Forgive me for the basic level of the editing. It’s been over ten years since I did anything like this and decided to practice with WeVideo – a free program I had access to on my Chromebook.



  1. Well it seems you had a great time. Best was you both did it together. Wonderful. I did have a chuckle at the opening when you were passing the semi and said you hated them. I use to drive one when I was young. 😉 different times then. I think we had more respect for the road and less about the need to make money. Oh yes we pushed and pushed hard. That was why I got out of it, I wanted to be home with the one I loved, not going sleepless on the road to make up miles and another run. But it was good money then. Be well . Hugs

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