Stubborn Interlude

Sometimes all you can do is keep your mouth shut. I’m sure everyone in a long-term relationship, or marriage, has felt this way before. You could offer a truckload of solutions to a problem your significant other is going on (and on) about, but no matter what you suggest they’ll still move forward with something that was their idea; or make the idea you presented seem like it was theirs to begin with. On the inside I have to laugh, because it’s hilarious, but on the outside I have to keep up the fight – challenging the stubbornness.

The spring is here to stay, and with the change of weather comes angry allergens, twenty-four hour colds, and major sinus drama. If I notice the slightest hint of a cold, I immediately begin to take medicine. Whether it be sniffles, minor headaches, or a kind-of-itchy-throat, I make sure to keep taking medicine so the condition does not get any worse.

My husband, S, would take a completely different approach to attacking pre-cold symptoms. He would simply not take any medicine; no Airborne, no Emergen-C, no meds at all. “Maybe you should take some medicine… knock it out before it spreads” is my usual response whenever any health related issue is presented. True to form, he’ll answer in a way that basically says “no, I’m not doing that,” or he’ll change the subject. “Why won’t you take the medicine?!”

S is an Aries, and anyone who knows an Aries is very familiar with the my-way-or-the-highway mentality they manifest on a daily basis. Why so stubborn, though?! I hate saying I told you so, so why can’t he just try this one idea I’ve shared? As spouses we share our respective jurisdictions – regarding one of us being right, and the other being wrong – but there’s always one of us that won’t bend so easily… and that one is usually him.



  1. I SO hear you! I’m the same way, and so is my husband. Partially the reason he’s had a sinus infection since December…. I even tried babying him and just bringing him the vitamins/detox water/meds and forcefully commanding him to take them, but it just made him whine more. So I gave up. He feels terrible now, but I told him so!

  2. LOL! I’m sorry but I just HAD to chuckle at this, as I am an Aries also (as is my betrothed, Aaron). I’m sure that you can imagine the situation in our household when the two stubborns disagree! Great post and oh, so very true, my friend! Much love and many naked hugs, my friend! 😉

  3. Oh I have so been there. Having a stubborn spouse is one of those things that it’s best to just accept. Difficult as that is.
    For what it’s worth, I’m frustrated on your behalf. Best of luck my dear. 🙂

  4. You need to let him think it was his idea before the discussion even starts. His independence is threatened when you baby him. Think: I Love Lucy. You can still laugh inside when he proudly suggest something you seeded days before the discussions.

  5. Sometimes I think it but don’t say it. William at present is having some pain, actully a lot with his upper back. I am so tired of him not doing anything about it. My next step is to get him to go to the specialist. It’s been nearly a year. Stubborn, however he can be equally Direct with me if I have not done something. Life is amazing and these moments are as frustrating as can be, but part of a relationship. My way or the highway does not always work. Ivan

  6. I hear you 100%. I knew getting married required some submissiveness on my part for sure. My husband is also stubborn, this year with me having had to give up my independence and become a SAHM I’ve had to learn the importantance of picking and choosing my battles. It’s definitely calmed my anxiety. I constantly murmur “just let it go” to myself numerous times a day. Haha!

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