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HACKED and pissed.

Good morning,

I wanted to pop in and notify you all that @gaysinthelife on Instagram has been hacked. I’m currently in contact with Instagram/Facebook support, but their customer service is all email and FAQ based… not fun. I’m honestly more worried about keeping my original handle for the account. Regaining followers and getting the message out that I’ve been hacked won’t be an issue, but it’s still an annoying experience nonetheless.

Thank you to everyone who has reported the account. I realize you automatically unfollow and block an account when you report it for spam, but I’d rather not have Gays in the Life pushing nude women content to my readers. I’ll be sure to let you all know when I’ve got my account back and have full control again. For now, continue to keep track of posts via the blog and we’ll still share pics directly to our Facebook page and Twitter.

Thanks for the help and support! Those of you who know me probably know that I’m beyond annoyed and ALSO know that I hope the hacker gets hit by a bus… but I’m managing quite well… for now.


4 comments on “HACKED and pissed.

  1. Thank you for the information. I am sorry that you got hacked. It is seems that some people only get pleasure when they are causing pain and suffering to others. It is a sad commentary on humanity. Oh you can get it all fixed up quickly. Hugs

  2. That totally sucks. I’ve been so bad about keeping up with my instagram lately, let us know when you back live so I can follow. 🙂

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