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Vegas Tomorrow!

Hey there!

We’re almost in full vacation mode here at Gays in the Life; just a tad more packing to do. In honor of our trip to Las Vegas this week, here’s a post I shared before our last trip out West. Enjoy!


Gays in the Life began years ago as a project to help sharpen my writing chops. With each post and each year that passed by, the blog began to morph into something quite different and traveled a variety of creative avenues. Gays in the Life is a lifestyle blog discussing topics in marriage, relationships, life as a young professional, and adventures in living a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy! And thanks for reading, *J

2 comments on “Vegas Tomorrow!

  1. I’ve never been to Vegas but plan to go there in July. Enjoy your trip.

    • Hey, thanks! I plan on getting a lot of footage to post about. Thanks for the follow and I’ll be sure to give the full scoop when I return 🙂

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