Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Gay Rights Under President Trump — Thought Catalog

Flickr / Gage SkidmoreOne thing I’ve noticed since the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States is that most people don’t understand how national marriage equality came to pass in the United States, nor do they have an understanding of how it could be threatened. On one hand, there is a large…

via Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Gay Rights Under President Trump — Thought Catalog


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  1. Sadly the picks being made for cabinet and other positions show a total disrespect for LGBTQ people. Every single one wants to overturn or limit the choices, and ablilitys of the LGBTQ people. The goal of each of these is to marginalize and minimize LGBTQ people. We will have to stay on our toes, keep being willing to fight for our rights, and be willing to stand up and say no I won’t agree to be second class or lessor. Lastly we need to stay safe, as the threats to us physically are worse now that the ones who supported Trump think his election gives them the right to hurt others. I had a young gay friend who was assaulted and killed one night for being gay, and even at their trial the killers felt they did nothing wrong. They felt attacking and hurting a gay person was not a bad thing. That he died was not their fault, just proof he was a weak fag. I watched as his same age lover went from a happy carefree person to a shell of a person through the year and half long trial. He never recovered. That is what we have to be aware of now. These thugs have been empowered after years of being pushed into the shadows. Be well, be safe. Hugs

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