Toot Toot, Beep Beep, THUD.

The holiday season can prove extremely trying in certain scenarios. Getting around a busy Indianapolis can result in the loss of a voice because you’re screaming at every idiot that doesn’t know what a turn signal is, or gesturing violently at every basic driver that’s taking turns at three miles per hour. I didn’t have a vehicle with a working horn until mid October, so that was my struggle in road rage expression.

It all hit me while I was driving home with some delicate items in the back of Tanya – our new car  – when I heard a “CLINK… THUD.” “Well there goes my new piece of Christmas decor I just bought for the place… probably broken..” I thought in an annoyed, this-shit-always-happens-to-me and curse-my-luck type of way. When I got home, I hurried to unwrap the frosty, ice-glittered tree I’d bought to rest by the fireplace. Nothing was damaged. The only casualty was a small mound of snow like material that had fallen off during the mild tumble in the car’s cargo area; and that probably would’ve shaken off in the years to come anyway.

My road rage tends to rest at manageable levels during the holiday season. I was too excited for this piece of decor, so all of my holiday zen went out the window momentarily. As soon as I heard the thud come from the back of the car, I immediately slowed down and became that driver. This is the only time of year those drivers get a pass, though. Sure, maybe they’re all moving at molasses-inspired speeds because there are delicate items on board, but sometimes people just need to get the hell out of the way.

Drive safe everyone! …and don’t wait too long to get that shopping done 😉




  1. It’s funny how one tiny issue can throw your entire day! I guess funny isn’t the right word…

    …I heard you mentioned me, btw…all I have to say in defense is I’m sorry for my slow turns, I just really hate driving. 😉

      • This post reminds me of a day in college where I was feeling much anxiety as I am not a great test taker. Everything seemed to be going wrong, as I was searching for a calculator for a test that would be mandatory for the test the next day, but every store in my little college town was obviously sold out. So from drink spills, to trips, to bumping the median when I parked, I just couldn’t get a break. Finally, walking through K-Mart (my final hope) holding my keyring curled under my finger the entire Thing somehow opened and my keys all fell off, crashing to the blindingly white laminate tiling. I literally broke down in tears, bawling, in the middle of Kmart. How flippin’ embarrassing. 😉

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