We’ll Drink to That!

Join us for an ice cold brew on the Indy Brew Bus tour! Well, the tour was yesterday, but you can pretend you were there by checking out the latest vlog:


Have any of you been on the Indy Brew Bus tour? If so, let us know which Indianapolis breweries you stopped by.



Toot Toot, Beep Beep, THUD.

The holiday season can prove extremely trying in certain scenarios. Getting around a busy Indianapolis can result in the loss of a voice because you’re screaming at every idiot that doesn’t know what a turn signal is, or gesturing violently at every basic driver that’s taking turns at three miles per hour. I didn’t have a vehicle with a working horn until mid October, so that was my struggle in road rage expression.

It all hit me while I was driving home with some delicate items in the back of Tanya – our new car  – when I heard a “CLINK… THUD.” “Well there goes my new piece of Christmas decor I just bought for the place… probably broken..” I thought in an annoyed, this-shit-always-happens-to-me and curse-my-luck type of way. When I got home, I hurried to unwrap the frosty, ice-glittered tree I’d bought to rest by the fireplace. Nothing was damaged. The only casualty was a small mound of snow like material that had fallen off during the mild tumble in the car’s cargo area; and that probably would’ve shaken off in the years to come anyway.

My road rage tends to rest at manageable levels during the holiday season. I was too excited for this piece of decor, so all of my holiday zen went out the window momentarily. As soon as I heard the thud come from the back of the car, I immediately slowed down and became that driver. This is the only time of year those drivers get a pass, though. Sure, maybe they’re all moving at molasses-inspired speeds because there are delicate items on board, but sometimes people just need to get the hell out of the way.

Drive safe everyone! …and don’t wait too long to get that shopping done 😉


A Thorgeous Time

Since last fall, S and I have been fast and devoted Rupaul’s Drag Race fans. The show is currently in it’s eighth season and does not disappoint when it comes to the level of entertainment that’s provided. On Friday, May 13th, the wonderfully talented Thorgy Thor – cast member of the current airing season – graced us with her presence at Talbott Street Night Club here in Indianapolis. “There’s something about the RuPaul’s Drag Race queens” S began to explain at the Latrice Royale show back in early March. “There’s a presence and performance level that’s unmatched.” Thorgy did more than exceed those expectations, stealing our breaths the moment she stepped on the stage. I had no idea I was such a fan of Thorgy’s until she walked out and waved to the crowd. Instant adrenaline and excitement.


After the show we had the opportunity to take a photo with Thorgy. We anxiously waited as the line snaked around the stanchions. “I was so over those guys…” she greets us as we finally join her under the professional lighting – a velvety red curtain serving as the backdrop for our Thorgeous photo.  “Hey! I’m 29 years old too!” I share with the RuPaul’s Drag Race star. Thorgy’s hands find her hips and her lips purse. “Are you shading me, sir?!” She let’s out bright cackle and places her arm around my shoulders. S’s favorite moment of Thorgy’s on the show was the intro episode, where Thorgy forgot her age. “My name is Thorgy Thor and I’m 29… WAIT, I’m not 29, I’m 31. Not sure where that came from.”
I’m beyond happy that we got to meet this gem of a human being, and that she shared such a fantastic show with us at Talbott Street. What a great way to welcome S and I’s second wedding anniversary 🙂

CHI to IND Interlude

Brutally crisp air smacks me in the face as I get out of the car at Union Station in downtown Chicago. The weekend was fast and filled to the brim with family, fun, and sadly, a funeral for my great grandmother. My mom had flown in from Alaska – my home state – and to be quite honest with you, I probably would not have made the three hour bus ride up to Chicago from Indianapolis if she had not been there.  I always miss my Alaska family terribly. I’m never home sick, but I have days where I miss the hell out of my brother, sister, mom, and even my stubborn ass father from time to time. As I hug mom and my favorite aunt goodbye in front of the quiet bus station, I feel a mix of emotions. I’m sad because I’m not sure when I will see the both of them again. I’m happy that I had the chance, and time, to get to see my Chicago relatives; beyond elated to be there with them during this tough time. I smile as I reflect on the amazing time I had with family I’d just met, and those of whom I hadn’t seen for at least ten years. Watching my Alaska family drive down the hollow Chicago street, I finish my emotional equation and become warm with the thought of returning to my husband. When I’m down – and feeling like some sad, soulful Adele song – he’s usually the burst of light I need on my dark, rainy days. He’s the answer to most of my emo-life equations, and I needed hug; anything to prolong the feeling of my mom and aunt’s arms around me before today was gone. Pocketing my glasses, I replace them with my prescription Ray Ban shades… a single tear making contact with the inside of the dark lens just as my bus to Indianapolis arrived.