#BlackLivesMatter: Yes, I’m Black

I decided today to use my voice and platform to share my experience and thoughts as a Queer, Black American. I’d heard buzz of the podcast blackout that would be taking place and decided I wasn’t going to be quiet. I have a responsibility to share my experience and reflect where others can hopefully see and feel what I’m experiencing. 

All of the activity surrounding the murder of George Floyd and the riots is heartbreaking to see. I quoted it and I’ll quote it again: “I don’t have to condone it to understand it.” Colin Kaepernick protested peacefully and look at how riled up racists became. 

Police brutality must stop. It’s not safe for black boys and men in our streets; streets we pay you with our tax dollars every year to protect. It’s not safe for me. You can’t protect me if you’re scared of me. I can’t breathe. I really can’t…

Thank you for taking the time to watch my insta-session. All I  can do is share my experiences and continue to speak up. I hope you’ll join me.

Thank you,



One comment

  1. Hello Jamal. I remember talking to you about the difference between my being stopped by police for a traffic violation as an older white male, and your experience / emotions about the same event. It was one more eye opener about white privilege and the systematic racism that is just under the surface in the US. It has become so clear that there has been a thin veneer covering over the racism and that veneer has been shattered and torn off. Please be safe, both you and your husband, as I think this is going to get worse before those entrenched in power racist get forced to accept we are all humans, one people. Be well. Hugs

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