Day: 16 New Holland Dragon’s Milk Reserve

While just about everywhere out East is dealing with the last bits of Winter. (Hopefully) I’ve curled up with a nice warming stout. And what a stout I’ve picked to warm myself today! New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk Reserve Triple Mash. A bourbon barrel stout aged in New Holland’s own whiskey barrels. At 17% this is […]

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  1. If that is you drink of choice congrats. I mostly drink soda, a diet rite so that it is not that bad for you. If I am to drink alcohol I prefer Rum and diet rite cola. Hugs

      • I use to drink bourbon, Jack Daniels. However when I became diabetic I had to switch to a drink with out any sugars. However once in awhile when out to eat, I will get a really cold Heineken. Gods it tastes so good. Enjoy whatever you drink. Hugs

      • I was in Germany the last three years I was in the Army. We drank that stuff like there was no tomorrow. It was cheap for us. Oh the times we had!! Be well. Hugs

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