We’re Vinyl Queens Now.



(We opened a present to ourselves a little early. A record player and a mini stack of vinyl!)

This will be amazing in the loft once we have that space back. We always have music playing  around the condo. Our loft area upstairs is used as our office and chill area. Having music filling the high ceilings will be a great addition to the vibes up there.

We’ve got Solange’s A Seat At The Table spinning tonight.



  1. Life has so many twists and turns. I remember when we couldn’t buy another record player anymore and ours quit. We had a huge stack of records. We had to throw them all away. Everything was CD. Everyone wanted one. It was such a rage. Now that I am old popping hissing fragile old records are the rage. Congrats on your gift, and have a grand Christmas. Hugs

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