A Thorgeous Time

Since last fall, S and I have been fast and devoted Rupaul’s Drag Race fans. The show is currently in it’s eighth season and does not disappoint when it comes to the level of entertainment that’s provided. On Friday, May 13th, the wonderfully talented Thorgy Thor – cast member of the current airing season – graced us with her presence at Talbott Street Night Club here in Indianapolis. “There’s something about the RuPaul’s Drag Race queens” S began to explain at the Latrice Royale show back in early March. “There’s a presence and performance level that’s unmatched.” Thorgy did more than exceed those expectations, stealing our breaths the moment she stepped on the stage. I had no idea I was such a fan of Thorgy’s until she walked out and waved to the crowd. Instant adrenaline and excitement.


After the show we had the opportunity to take a photo with Thorgy. We anxiously waited as the line snaked around the stanchions. “I was so over those guys…” she greets us as we finally join her under the professional lighting – a velvety red curtain serving as the backdrop for our Thorgeous photo.  “Hey! I’m 29 years old too!” I share with the RuPaul’s Drag Race star. Thorgy’s hands find her hips and her lips purse. “Are you shading me, sir?!” She let’s out bright cackle and places her arm around my shoulders. S’s favorite moment of Thorgy’s on the show was the intro episode, where Thorgy forgot her age. “My name is Thorgy Thor and I’m 29… WAIT, I’m not 29, I’m 31. Not sure where that came from.”
I’m beyond happy that we got to meet this gem of a human being, and that she shared such a fantastic show with us at Talbott Street. What a great way to welcome S and I’s second wedding anniversary 🙂

One Night Dance

I embrace the dark, pulsing, cloud of people that is the dance floor at the bar. Dancing is something I have to be in the mood for, and tonight I would turn up the heat.  Scorpio season’s influence is heavy in the air as I begin to wind up – serving up my best Beyonce – and feel the rhythm of the sounds around me.  It’s not long before my friends and I are in the zone, and wondering eyes find their attention on our group.  I turn around and make instant eye contact with the buzzed and beefy stranger who would become my dance partner for the better part of the following hour. Not moving an inch out of my personal circumference, I watch him approach; his interest growing with every step he takes. I don’t miss a beat as he enters my bubble. “Hi” he speaks over the music, and syncs his movements to mine. “Good evening” I respond as I let his palm meet my chest. Together we move like one of the ocean’s traveling waves, and communicate only with our eyes.  His buzzed head, thick frame, and fitted jeans move in ways I appreciate greatly. The only thing that would send this moment completely over the top would be if S were standing in the corner watching. “You’re good at this” he breathes into my ear, before turning around to offer his backside, and run his hands up and down my thigh. “Well, I did get you to come over here… and thanks.” I allow him to enjoy me for a little while longer before I find his eyes again. “It’s past my bedtime, sir. Thanks for an amazing dance.” “Would you like company?” he offers with eyes both timid and curious. “Not tonight, but thanks.” Using one hand, I pull his belt buckle loose, flash a smile, and exit the bar.