3 Reasons Why I Dig A Smith Machine


1. I don’t need a spotter. When it comes to lifting weights, I’m fairly antisocial. I workout just before work, and am the king of keeping a schedule. I don’t have time to switch out between sets and chat leisurely during this time.

2. Focus and awareness. Because smith machines only allow vertical motion, I’m forced to pay extra attention to my form while lifting. It’s extremely easy to sacrifice your form on a smith machine because of the built in spotting design. Just because the bar is supported by a giant metal frame, does not mean you get to let your core slack off, or your feet chill wherever you’d like. Bend those legs, get that butt down, and let the bar touch your chest before you push that weight back up. Stay challenged.

3. Variety. Three out of my five lifting days, I follow a stronglifts routine. Lucky for me I get into the gym early enough to hog the smith machine – knocking out the first few lifting sequences in peace and undisturbed. I always start with squats (because they suck), then bench, and finish with some barbell rows; this takes me about thirty minutes. If I can sweat my ass off without having to move very far, I’m all in.

Progress Report 3

Hello! And Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a progress report, so here goes:

Data collection #3, November 18, 2015:

Weight – 232.4

Body fat – 27.1%

BMI – 31.4

Data Collection #4, January 16, 2016:

Weight – 231.3

Body fat – 25.2%

BMI – 31.3

The holiday season was trying, per usual, and I did put on some weight. Last week I was back up to 237 lbs, but was able to get back down in just one week. I’ve been doing strong lifts in the gym, and made it a point to make sure I was really digging deep this past week. Adding 2.5 lbs to 5 lbs on each of my sets (each week) has kept me challenged, and really showcased the fact that heavy lifting, and a good amount of healthy fat consumption, can make all the difference during a carb detox/recovery. My weight was up and down since my last progress report, and it’s all due to those couple of carb moments, and slacking off on my intermittent fasting schedule. We’re back on it, though! Get ready for some results 😉

Overall progress since data collection #1:

down 14.2 lbs

down 5.3% body fat

FATboys: A Mostly Ketogenic Health and Fitness Journey

Welcome to Gays in the Life’s health and fitness page! Join my husband and I on our journey to optimal health as we follow a low-carb, ketogenic diet! The point of this page is not to push our way of living and eating onto our readers, but to inspire, share, celebrate the health hurdles we clear as a couple. We’re so thrilled that so many have taken interest in Gays in the Life, and only wish to give you another view into an aspect of our life we haven’t really talked openly about on the blog.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment sections of a post, and try to have an open mind. All posts will be completely based on our experience, research, and results; physical and medical. We’ve been following a low-carb diet for almost two years now, and have seen great results in our health and overall daily performance. Again, we do not wish to convert anyone, but if you find something we write about interesting, by all means research it and learn more. Curiosity and learning more is exactly how we became low-carbers, and made this lifestyle change. Welcome to FATboys! And thank you for reading.