The Little Things Interlude

It’s the little things.

Like watching him get ready and realizing

How handsome he is right before a night on the town.


Can’t we just stay home?

He never wants to skip anything productive with me.

That says more about me than it does him, ha.

But, come on…

Who is this monster?

Crispy button-up shirt and fitted jeans,

Appropriate accessories and casual Vans.

I did that.

And don’t forget the coffee.

(A queen’s gotta survive the night and keep the Zs away.)

Homie didn’t drink coffee OR eat spicy food before me.

(Enter dramatic sigh here)

It’s the little things.

But seriously…

Netflix and chill?


September Conversations Interlude

Hello, September. Yes, yes, it’s been a while. How are you? I’m fine. I’m so excited to see you again because your arrival means the approach of our hibernation period, and my fall fashions. Girl, please, you know I love my scarves, and I STILL need some fall/winter boots to slay the game this season. The summer was great, but so busy! What is it about summer? Every weekend is filled before spring even has her bags packed, and we swore we wouldn’t let that happen this summer. It’s so nice seeing everyone when the weather is at its sun-shiny-balmy-best, but it’s also nice to have some us time in between.  I don’t think we’re going to be total bears – camping out in our den –  but with the new puppy, mixed with the gradually growing snowball that was our weekend social life this summer?.. We’re so looking forward to being off the grid for a couple weekends. Seems like every weekend we were driving somewhere or doing something. You’re right. We don’t have to commit to everything right away. Mmmhmm, I do love my couch, and people come to us plenty.  I’m sure we’ll be ready to make plans and go see some people after a small break, but I’ll be sure not to fill every day of the fall/winter calendar. Well, I’ll let you go! Thanks for the tips, and don’t drink too many pumpkin spice lattes. Oh, and turn down the heat, would you? Well, call Mother Nature and tell her she can cool it on down here in Indiana. Talk to you later…

CHI to IND Interlude

Brutally crisp air smacks me in the face as I get out of the car at Union Station in downtown Chicago. The weekend was fast and filled to the brim with family, fun, and sadly, a funeral for my great grandmother. My mom had flown in from Alaska – my home state – and to be quite honest with you, I probably would not have made the three hour bus ride up to Chicago from Indianapolis if she had not been there.  I always miss my Alaska family terribly. I’m never home sick, but I have days where I miss the hell out of my brother, sister, mom, and even my stubborn ass father from time to time. As I hug mom and my favorite aunt goodbye in front of the quiet bus station, I feel a mix of emotions. I’m sad because I’m not sure when I will see the both of them again. I’m happy that I had the chance, and time, to get to see my Chicago relatives; beyond elated to be there with them during this tough time. I smile as I reflect on the amazing time I had with family I’d just met, and those of whom I hadn’t seen for at least ten years. Watching my Alaska family drive down the hollow Chicago street, I finish my emotional equation and become warm with the thought of returning to my husband. When I’m down – and feeling like some sad, soulful Adele song – he’s usually the burst of light I need on my dark, rainy days. He’s the answer to most of my emo-life equations, and I needed hug; anything to prolong the feeling of my mom and aunt’s arms around me before today was gone. Pocketing my glasses, I replace them with my prescription Ray Ban shades… a single tear making contact with the inside of the dark lens just as my bus to Indianapolis arrived.