Come Back Soon, Kitchen.

I miss my kitchen.

Eating out every day – all on the insurance company – sounds great, but there’s nothing like making your own meal. There are no secret ingredients to worry about, the production of a complicated order isn’t causing you stress, because, what if they don’t take of the special-carb-loaded sauce, and the convenience of being able to stay home for dinner is just that, a convenience! I absolutely hate running errands. Even if I’m going to Hardee’s to pick up a low-carb burger, I still have to make an extra stop after work, or go home only to THEN go back out into the traffic I don’t want to tolerate anymore. Lucky for me, though, S will stop on his way home and grab us dinner most nights.

I miss my kitchen.

I have things I can microwave, bake, or cut up on the cutting board for snacks, but no sink to wash the dishes. If I really want that glass of wine, I then have to worry about possibly breaking that glass in the bathroom sink, during the wash, because there isn’t enough room to comfortably rinse out bubbles and cabernet. What gives?! I’ve never been good at being patient, but give me a break. I have two perfectly delicious pork shoulders hanging out in my freezer, and I’ve been craving them for at least two weeks. In my mind I hear the sizzle of the raw, butter-drenched meat, sizzling in the pan; browning and curling before my eyes and nostrils. Don’t forget the peppered asparagus.

I miss my kitchen.

At the end of all this, S and I will have a brand spanking new living room, dining room, and kitchen. I shouldn’t complain, but emergency remodels are a different type of monster that haunts my nerves. The idea of having a completely different looking home is exciting. Everything we planned to have done to the downstairs – where all the drama has happened – is becoming a fast reality, and I can’t wait to show it off. It’s the mixture of excitement and slow, simmering frustration that’s driving me quietly insane. Once the construction has actually begun, I imagine I’ll feel much better about the whole situation. At least we’re getting plenty of practice now before we remodel the upstairs portion of our condo! But, alas…

…I miss my kitchen.

A Leak, Five Stitches, and A Pending Remodel.

Life can be a soggy mess sometimes, and when it comes to the past week, we’ve managed to just keep swimming. Now, don’t be alarmed. S and I are fine, but the Universe decided to test us as homeowners, and deal us the annoying task of dealing with an internal leak between our kitchen and living room. You may be thinking “that leak has nothing to do with why you didn’t post a new entry last week, Jamal,” and that’s fair.

I wasn’t able to post a new entry last week due to an emergency room visit, and five stitches being placed in my middle finger – on my writing hand, of course, because the joke is on me. I’m barely typing with my right hand at work, and I’m finally feeling like I can power-peck through some form of writing this week, so expect a number of short posts while I get back on my weekly writing schedule.

I’m looking forward to getting full use of my hand back, now that my general discontent and handicapped state is fading. In the meantime, we’ll be hanging out in our floorless condo, waiting on contractors, and planning a full floor remodel. There will be plenty of inspiration for future Gays in the Life entries, I’m sure.

Thank you for your patience,


P.S. Did I mention this all happened during our relationship anniversary week? Friday, October 23rd, marked four years of S and I being together. Despite everything that has happened recently, I’m still feeling like the happiest dude, and love everything about who we are as husbands.