Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers! Single? Taken? Don’t give an EFF about today? Who cares! In our opinion, every day should be treated like Valentine’s Day – whatever this day means to you. Check out an older post of mine The Other 364 for more on that topic.

If you are single and are feeling bummed about not having a significant other, please be kind to yourself today. This Hallmark-generated holiday shouldn’t be solely about celebrating your romantic relationships, so tend to your other relationships and people that are currently in your life.  

Grab dinner with the girls. Enjoy a guys night or some bro time. Go see a movie or schedule a movie marathon for the weekend. Let’s be real here – we can’t be having slumber parties on a Thursday night. We are grown-ass working adults. If for some reason you can have mid-week slumber parties, I’m jealous.

What do S and I have planned you ask? We’ll be making some low-carb calzones and enjoying red wine berry spritzers! I’m actually pretty excited about it. We’ve been better about getting out and exploring romantic spots of Indianapolis, but a night in is always the height of excellence for us.

Enjoy the day, everyone!


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Weekend Wrap-up: 8.7.16

What a gorgeous weekend for a wedding. I always knew the IU Auditorium held weddings and various events, but had never attended one until yesterday. Look at this view during cocktail hour moments before the ceremony began inside:


S and I had been looking forward to this wedding ALL week and were absolutely exhausted from work and school. Being back on our old campus breathed life back into us with it’s beauty, endless memories, and positive vibes surrounding the big day. The ceremony was so awesome and so filled with love. C and R had overcome so much recently and you could tell that everyone in attendance wanted to be there; sharing this moment with two amazing soon-to-be husbands.

C is one of my oldest friends from Indiana University. We were both part of the Indiana University Marching Hundred, Big Red Basketball Band, had gone on numerous NCAA trips together, and were members of the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi fraternity. We’d grown up together in college. We survived busy band/fraternity schedules, college courses, odd college jobs, and a LOT of all-nighters playing Mario Kart, Settlers of Catan and shots of vodka. The nights we spent gaming usually ended with McDonald’s breakfast before we finally went to sleep. I love this dude, which is why I enjoyed this moment SO much:

FullSizeRender (1)

The look on R’s face as he’s dancing with C… sweet moments during a kiss as they shared their first dance as husbands. 

S and I were staying on campus in the Indiana Memorial Union; my favorite building on campus. I swear that place is haunted. I mean, it has to be, right? Old-assed place like that filled with so much history. THERE ARE CEMETERIES ON CAMPUS. Spooky for sure. I did not have any paranormal experiences during our stay, but there were all sorts of creepy vibes. The hallways straight up gave us The Shining feels:


What a great weekend. Now to relax before Monday interrupts us.

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