Zen Managed.

Every now and then I need to step away from a project to let the creativity breathe. A couple of things happened during my little WordPress hiatus: (1) Work became a bit busy for S and I – duh –  and (2) we decided not to let that bog us down.

In older GITL posts, I’ve discussed how work had a huge tendency to impact our spirits and motivation. Maybe it’s the effects of our vacation just now catching up to us, but we are completely unbothered these days and I think it feels pretty damned awesome.

We spent Memorial Day weekend with friends and family in Southern Indiana. The Flecks showed us around Evansville and introduced us to a couple breweries and a new restaurant. Carson’s Brewery had this amazing banana beer and The Dapper Pig’s crab cakes were SO good.


Beer is the one item I miss being a low-carber, but like I’ve said in past, “If I want some? I’ll have some.” The trick was ordering flights – each flight being four, 5 oz servings –  instead of multiple 16 oz glasses of IPAs. The 5 oz flight-size remained an option to consume more, so we stuck to this and didn’t feel like absolute trash the next day for dipping in the carb pool.


The campsite on the family farm is where we spend most of our time together during a long weekend like Memorial Day. S’s parents have the area set up so two campers can park and be used comfortably, along with any tents or big toys for the kids. The edge of the camp is rounded out by wire fence, giving the horses access to the occasional snack from the family and to say hello.

Time spent with the family down south is always a good time and a great way for us to calm down. The strong sense of calm that lingers after coming home to Indy is undeniable and gives us a good boost for the days ahead. The forecast is showing clear skies and being unbothered for a good while. Now! Back to side hustles and creativity.



September Conversations Interlude

Hello, September. Yes, yes, it’s been a while. How are you? I’m fine. I’m so excited to see you again because your arrival means the approach of our hibernation period, and my fall fashions. Girl, please, you know I love my scarves, and I STILL need some fall/winter boots to slay the game this season. The summer was great, but so busy! What is it about summer? Every weekend is filled before spring even has her bags packed, and we swore we wouldn’t let that happen this summer. It’s so nice seeing everyone when the weather is at its sun-shiny-balmy-best, but it’s also nice to have some us time in between.  I don’t think we’re going to be total bears – camping out in our den –  but with the new puppy, mixed with the gradually growing snowball that was our weekend social life this summer?.. We’re so looking forward to being off the grid for a couple weekends. Seems like every weekend we were driving somewhere or doing something. You’re right. We don’t have to commit to everything right away. Mmmhmm, I do love my couch, and people come to us plenty.  I’m sure we’ll be ready to make plans and go see some people after a small break, but I’ll be sure not to fill every day of the fall/winter calendar. Well, I’ll let you go! Thanks for the tips, and don’t drink too many pumpkin spice lattes. Oh, and turn down the heat, would you? Well, call Mother Nature and tell her she can cool it on down here in Indiana. Talk to you later…