Ceiling Fan Thoughts 

(Written using the Flowstate app, 5 min setting.)

What’s on my mind? Headphones on, I lay here playing with music options and staring at the fan go ’round above me. I’m thinking about how I need to get out of this lazy funk I’ve been in lately. It’s not even cold outside, yet, so I can’t blame winter. Work life has calmed down, although S still has a little bit of school left. I can’t wait until that’s done. I’d like to have my hubs back, please.
I’ve taken some time off from posting on the blog. That’s mostly because I’ve had to evaluate how much I’d like to have on my plate. I started the blog as a way to keep my writing chops polished and conditioned; experiment with my voice and see how I developed. This was only to help me prepare for the writing of a book I’ve had outlined since 2010.
Now the blog is becoming a life of its own. What to do? I may need to consider taking time away from one project – that’s obviously not the blog. I can still write and work on the book, but that production is about to slow down. Juggling too much at once could harm my intended goals more than aid them. I wonder what this will turn into; Gays in the Life. I’m anxious to see.


You’ll notice I didn’t post an October progress report. I’ve hit a little stall on the fitness front, and this is completely normal. For the past year my body has been adjusting – going from strictly cardio workouts, to regular strength training with light cardio in the form of the occasional elliptical session and yoga – and has finally hit a point of pause. I always view a fitness stall (or plateau) as an alert to kick things up a notch, or to pay closer attention to what’s going in my body. The weeks that followed the first progress report on FATboys, my weight stayed the same, went up, a little down, and back up again. I’ve been challenging myself in the gym, and making more of an effort to really focus my yoga sessions.

I decided last week that I would wait until November to produce the next progress report, and that I would cut dairy from my diet. When it comes to dairy and myself, I’d say we have a pretty good relationship, but did notice times of bloating. I’m not lactose intolerant, and something was definitely off when it came to my body and how I felt. Jamie Caporosso was a guest on The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore, and went on about how he wasn’t sure what it was about dairy, but after cutting it from his diet, he saw more results and felt completely refreshed.  Maybe my body is reacting negatively to dairy? For the next handful of weeks, I will be cutting dairy, and hopefully the next progress report will not come in stall form.

Lord of the Dance Pose

Yoga and strength training go hand in hand. Stretching equals blood flow, and promotes healthy, strong, loose muscles. Tight muscles lead to injury down the road. Remember to stretch after every workout, people!