We Got Bikes!

There’s always some turbulence as we shift from the winter season towards the warmer months. To fight some of the seasonal depression we’d been experiencing, S and I decided to explore our  new neighborhood. We came across a local bike shop not far from our house. Upon its appearance, we immediately began to talk about how we’d been meaning to get bikes and never had. Within a couple weeks, we paid the friendly staff another visit and left with two new bicycles. 


The Bike Line is a shop that specializes in Trek bikes. S and I didn’t need anything over the top or super pricey. We aren’t hardcore cyclist, so our needs weren’t complex or specific at all. “We need something to get around the neighborhood, but something we can hit the trails with as well.” The Verve 2 by Trek is a great hybrid bicycle. It’s a fabulous commuter bike and we’ve already put in quite a bit of time on the trails. 


Part of our new home’s appeal to us was that it was so close to local markets, bars, shoppes, and is right off a popular trail. We’re in walking distance of quite a bit and it’s been lovely having our bikes as an option to get around. We both shared stories with  each other of our childhood bike days. I feel like we were always on bicycles as children. I remember riding to school, to friend and family homes, to the mall, all over! 



As adults, we have a new appreciation for bikes. We appreciate the nostalgia. I’ve noticed every time I hop on my new bike, I’m taken back to one of those careless and joyous moments as a kid; riding my bike to Sam Goody probably. We appreciate the exercise. Going to the gym or doing the same workout video can get boring and monotonous. We love walking, but getting back into riding bikes has been so fun and refreshing. 


It is tough to live off a popular trail with COVID-19 existing. People are doing their best at social distancing – some people just don’t care – but there are times where the traffic is pretty heavy. If you’re constantly passing people on the trail, I don’t count that  as social distancing. When we do go on walks or bike rides, I’m sure to wear a mask and my largest shades to shield my eyes. I get it. Everyone wants to be outside, especially on the gorgeous days, because we have to stay home right now. Getting the exercise and vitamin  D has been nice, so I say be mindful of high traffic periods on trails and such, and stay safe. Just use common sense. 


I’ve started setting seasonal intentions, and part of my intention for this summer was to stick to my activity and nutrition goals more strictly. When life gets busy, it’s easy to fall into old habits, fall out of routines, and to take shortcuts. Since having our bikes, we’ve been more relaxed, active, and in better spirits overall. We do our best to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, so our new bikes were such a good investment towards maintaining and surpassing that goal. If you  have a bicycle of your own, get out, take a ride, and earn that cocktail you’ll probably be drinking here soon.





  1. We like to bike down that trail to Broad Ripple. When all this is passed is, we should meet up for a ride and beverage.

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