Today’s Workplace Under a Trump Presidency:

A co-worker came up to me on Monday afternoon, alerting me that someone hadn’t read my don’t-let-the-coffee-overflow sign and that there was a mess. She continued on to say “It was probably those Indians over there… they probably don’t know how to make coffee.”
My blood boiled. “I’m pretty sure the fact that they’re Indian has nothing to do with them not checking the coffee level.” I said in a shitty and cold tone. She immediately began to backtrack as I directed my attention back to my computer screen. She kept talking but I stayed silent until she left me the hell alone.
Most of our IT department is made up of people from all over the world. How could this white woman be so dense as to share a comment like this with me – An African American male. Oh… it’s because she’s white. She has no experience being marginalized or scrutinized because her skin isn’t full of melanin and she doesn’t have an accent.
Had I gone off in that moment? Raised my voice to tell her how stupid she sounded? I would be the one looked at first. Why? Because I’m a large, black male… speaking loudly to a frail, sweat-stained white woman.
Again, readers of this comment, when I say “white people,” I’m not talking about all of you. Believe me. People of color in today’s America have figured out exactly who they can trust on that front. We know not all white people feel this way.
I urge everyone to correct behavior like this and embarrass the hell out of the individual spewing disgusting, dimwitted, and disrespectful remarks like this. She deserved to feel that embarrassment and shame in that moment, and she’s lucky I didn’t go to HR on her. I could have… but I’m a busy professional and I don’t have the time to correct ignorance. Not without a huge raise, anyway.
I could read the hell out of her for so many things right now, outside of her despicable and small existence, but I won’t do that. I’m better than that, and so are you. 


One thought on “Today’s Workplace Under a Trump Presidency:

  1. Scottie says:

    Sadly so many of them right now won’t accept they were wrong even if you point it out. I live in a retirement mobile home park. They are mostly midwesterners who were not exposed to “others” until they came to Florida. It is deeply ingrained in them that they are of a better way, of a better people. They don’t even realize how they sound or how their actions seem. They are use to white privilege and they don’t even recognize it until they don’t have it. They can hire a white woman to clean their house and go out to shop while they do it, but they won’t even let a brown skinned person enter a room without watching them. I can’t stand it. During Pres. Obama’s terms I lost a lot of “friends” around here correcting the BS. They couldn’t see the lies because it was what they wanted to be true. Stay strong. We will change it. I will not accept a country that holds people are not equal. I know a lot of people who agree. We wished it could have been done sooner, but we are not going to be quiet now. We faced it as gays for all our lives, and we did not like it then, we don;’t like it now for others. I have to admit I did not how bad things were in some places until I got interested in the BLM movement and seeing the stupid backlash to it. If this old dummy can learn, we will force the others to learn also. 🙂 Hugs

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