Fast and Low Carbs

At least once or twice a week, we find ourselves at Hardee’s for a quick and easy low-carb dinner.

“Can we get two double bacon thick burgers, made low-carb, no onions or tomatoes… A single bacon thick burger, made low-carb, no onions or tomatoes… and a charbroiled chicken club, also made low-carb.”

I’m not sure what S has against veggies, but hey, I leave them on if I’m rolling solo.

The staff is always so pleasant and has our order mememorized. There’s one high-school-aged team member who always hooks us up with a %10 discount – on top of the already great customer service. It’s the little things and this team has learned us.

“The cook always gets so stressed when you guys show up.” Hilarious.

We love coming to Hardee’s, but honestly, we need to slow down on the fast food game. If you find yourself wanting a fast and decent low-carb meal, try your local Hardee’s.

(Shouts to Carl’s Jr. up North!)



  1. Not sure about the low carb, but I am willing to try that great sounding burger. It really does sound good. Hugs

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