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Adulting: It’s the little things.

A couple weekends ago, S and I cleaned up the garage in hopes of using it on a regular basis.  The garages in our complex run on the smaller side – leaving only enough room to squeeze your car inside right in front of your washer/dryer – so Tanya should fit perfectly.

When we first moved into the place, the garage was mainly used as storage and the garage door openers didn’t work. The washer and dryer are in there and we’ve always managed to keep things fairly organized. At the start of summer we’d hit organizing hard in this area, so getting my wheels parked inside was way easier than anticipated.

When you stay as busy as S and I do, it can be difficult to find motivation to get into any project around the house. Thankfully, we’d done the bulk of the decluttering in the garage some months back, and now we can utilize the space just in time for the cold months. Betty the Bucket – my old car – had an autostart and Tanya doesn’t, so we’re pretty psyched about this (haha).

What’s next on the list? Getting some pictures on the walls and more decorating inside.

10 comments on “Adulting: It’s the little things.

  1. Hello from a former Hoosier! I’m from Indy, how about yourself?

    • Oh nice! We live on the west side of Indy in the eagle creek area! I from Alaska originally 🙂

      • I haven’t lived in Indy for many years, but was born and raised there. How do you like it? I use to go to Eagle Creek all the time when I was in high school.

      • We do like Indy, but we’ve discovered that we both want to move back to a smaller town; a college town. Indy has some cool things to do and we do enjoy the eagle creek area 🙂

      • Madison, Wisconsin is one heck of a college town. Very liberal. Plus it’s on three lakes. I’ve lived west of Milwaukee for the past 30 years. Flagstaff AZ is a really great college town also. It’s on our list of possible retirement locations. Has everything, great weather, a varied landscape, dry air. Funky downtown area.

      • I’ve always heard great things about that town 🙂

      • It’s a lot of fun. Winters are pretty harsh around here, but we have great snow removal, unlike in Indy!

      • Oh, we can handle that! I was born and raised in Alaska. Yeah, Indiana can do much better in that department, LOL.

      • Your property taxes are a lot lower than ours. Here is Wisconsin, we pay some of the highest property taxes in the country. I was always told it was for our roads and schools. I can’t remember the last time I got stuck in snow here in WI, but in Indy I think the city shuts down if you get more than 4 inches right? LOL!

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