Back on Track

It’s Saturday! And I’ve managed to successfully stick to my set fasting windows. This was the reset I needed. The beer last weekend was delicious, but my body KNOWS when intruders – carbs – are strolling through my system.

Outside of sticking to fasting windows, ranging from 16-37 hours this week, I’m patting myself on the back for making every planned workout. As of late, I’m unable to pop right up and be gym ready in the morning. Lifting weights before work was convenient because I like to go STRAIGHT home after work. I’ve never been a fan of errands or veering too far off any scheduled plan; and yes, a scheduled plan includes my drive home (haha).

This week I decided to step outside of my stubborn-overly-scheduled mindset and just wing it. If I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t eat. This is largely due to keeping my healthy fat intake at 75% and my protein and carbs at good ketogenic levels. I had two, half-hour lifting sessions this week, and did yoga for 25 minutes two mornings. Every workout was focused, calm, and productive. I say calm because my body felt rested; even in the act of ripping my muscles apart and working on inversion poses.

How much a sweat comes out of a workout has never been a marker of success for me. With that being said, however, I’d never sweat so much during a workout. TMI, sorry, but I’m not sure what that could mean. Maybe it means nothing. I’ve never been a heavy sweater in the gym, but could working out in a fasting state be serving as some form of detoxification for me? The day after each lifting or yoga session, I felt as though I’d worked out, but the recovery period was much faster.

This morning we made these amazing breakfast sandwiches. Almond flour biscuits, egg, ham, extra sharp cheddar, jalapeno, and a bit of mayo.



They were so bomb. It’s been ages since I had a breakfast sandwich and we were both too excited to eat them. S and I are looking into local butchers so we can level-up on healthy fats, our cooking, and culinary creativity. Whatever you eat, you’ve gotta have fun with it. Can you imagine this sandwich with some freshly sliced, thick-cut bacon? My weekend has been made already 🙂



  1. You take a lot of care of each other and of your own bodies. That is good and healthy. I am happy to see you treating yourself now and again. Life has to be more than work, sweat, pain, and doing. It must also have enjoyment and simply time to be happy and less stressed. However if you do yoga you already understand that. What amazes me is how you both find the time for all of this? You’re young, you work, you study, you pack so many activities into each day, it tires me out just reading it 🙂 ( hearty laugh ) I do wish you the best, a long happy life. Be well, be happy, hugs

      • I, as an older man, am encouraged by you two. You are the future, you will be the ones helping to run the country when my generation is winding way down. To see your love, to see your interests, to see how you deal with life in a positive way is a grand gift. It brings hope. So many are afraid of the changes happening in our country. They see the changing demographics, the adaptation of other languages, and other cultures, and they are afraid. They do not understand this is normal and has happened all through the history of every nation, including the US. It is normal and natural and should be celebrated, not feared. You both may not realize it but you are the signs of a great future to come. I wish you both the best. I look forward to reading your blog for many more years to come. Best wishes. Hugs

  2. I always love a good breakfast sandwich. Good for you restricting your carbs. I don’t eat white bread, pasta, etc. But I do love my beer. Oh well, what cha gonna do! LOL! Beside I live in the beer capital of the world (Milwaukee), at least it is in the United States!

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