This is a very scary and honest feeling… Am I next? May the higher powers help us all ✊🏾❤️


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  1. I am sorry. Once I thought all people had an equal chance of having violence in their life. Depending on where they went, what they did, how they acted. Now no. I have had my eyes opened and I wish I did not have it cost so much, someone’s life. I have no real idea what your life must be like, what your fears are in situations where I would be treated so much different than you may. I can’t imagine being afraid of a police officer at a simple traffic stop, I am an old , white bearded white man. For a good section of town, driving a rather nice old persons van. To see what I have seen the last year has torn my guts out. I am sorry. I wish I could change it. It is so wrong that someone your age should have this worry on them. Please be safe, please know not all are racist, some of us really care. I care. Be well and happy. Hugs

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