Margaritas to Monday

The weekends never feel like weekends anymore. Indiana summer has finally arrived and we already feel like every weekend is booked. There’s never any escaping a full summer schedule when you’ve spent all of winter and parts of spring hibernating. I’ve come to terms with this and love any chance to be social nonetheless.


Change has ruled the past couple months for S and I. The both of us struggled to stay engaged at our current jobs, but patience proved to be rewarding as we’ve both been promoted – and thank goodness for that. Though S is busy finishing up his master’s in accounting, we finally feel like we can breathe and make some personal progress – as in projects and hobbies – while we navigate professional success.


We’ve taken to retreating to the pool after grocery shopping on Sunday mornings. The secret is getting to the pool before the neighborhood families burst zen’s bubble and steal all the good lounge areas. The sun is at its most cruel between the hours of 10am and 2pm. We show up at 11am with towels, sunscreen, and some form of low-carb-alcoholic beverage. It’s the perfect way to relax and dread Monday’s mundane arrival.


Sweating out the weekend’s toxins by the pool always leaves me feeling detoxed and refreshed. S will eventually get in the water to cool off, while I continue to bake under the sun – nose buried deep in GQ Magazine most likely. I don’t avoid the water because I haven’t learned to swim. Occasionally I will take a dip and hang in the water with S and/or friends. There’s just something about hanging out by the pool, hiding behind shades, and taking an amazing power nap that complete me in those moments.
Finding time for each other is extremely important. We’re great at hanging out on the couch after a long day of work, but to engage in some summertime relaxation together – even if it is only once a week –  has been pretty nice. S could definitely win an Academy Award for Best Performance in the I Don’t Want Monday to Come category… I just wish I could bring my margarita along when I leave for work Monday morning.



  1. Well said and well worked out. Each couple has to find the times that work for them, but as you say it is so very important. As the demands on my time are self imposed I have to remember Ron is yet to be retired and is working three to four 12 hour days a week. His off times are important at his age for rest and restoration. We have always seemed to be remodeling one home or another so it is important for me not to push. When Ron feels up to continuing a project he will. However it is also good for us in our later years to just rest, to be beside each other, to know we have spent the best part of our lives together and the memories we share. That will be you both some day.. sharing smiles that need no explanation, and being happy just walking next to each other. Good life to you, long may you be in this life together. Hugs

  2. Thanks for sharing your perspective! Being considerate of each other’s time and enjoying the time we have together is so key 🙂 I look forward to plenty of rest in the future, LOL.

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