Insanity is… 

…doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

This NY Daily News cover is pretty epic. It represents our country’s leadership and their fear of people who don’t look like them. It represents the truth in the fact that these senators are only worried about leading false prayers and false hope… But it’s all good as long as we have our guns! Don’t mind the mass shootings we can’t seem to keep up with these days! Boys (and girls) and their toys. We can only have so many moments of silence before something needs to be done. Wowzers.

Read the full NY Daily News story here.



  1. Insane and insanity ! I wish I had some words to help, but I find I am as confused and angered over our leaders actions and lack of action, as I am over people of God(s) who would strike out at people and victims. I am afraid of the comment many older people said in my own youth… I just don’t understand… I don’t understand at all. Sad hugs

  2. Sad hugs indeed. I’m just baffled some days when I read stories like these and take a look at our leadership. I’m sending all the positive vibes I possibly can to anyone who will receive them. *hugs* and thanks for reading!

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