Poker Face: A Mini Monologue

I miss being just far enough away from my team to embrace any zen moment that presented itself. You see, when I moved departments, I was sitting away from the nucleus of my team. When you’re a team lead, staying in the know is important, but sitting away from the chaos (that is the majority of team) is relaxing when you deal with customers the majority of your day. When I was tucked away in a far corner – away from constant interruption of whatever media I may’ve been consuming at the time – I was able to interact at my leisure. It’s been about two weeks since the move to my new cubicle, and I wonder what kind of facial expressions I’ve unconsciously delivered to those who around me. I’m a nice guy, but do you have to hang over my cube wall to talk to me? Do you really need to be sharing that NSFW story at audible and very clear levels, mister supervisor? I put on a cheery face, listen, and interact, but I’m sure I’ve thrown some shade with my tone or lack of responses. I don’t care, though. Some days you just don’t want to be bothered.


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  1. I think it must be hard to deal with so many personalities in such close quarters. It reminds me of being on a navy ship, where every one slept in such close space, ate in close space, everything was tight and not a lot of room to move. How people dealt with each other was so important, Some times there would be one person who just couldn’t find a way to fit in, to realize how to give others what personal space could be found. At that point it would be a senior person who would take them aside, explain things to them , and kind of restore the ability of people not to get on each others nerves. Maybe if the supervisor bugging you doesn’t get it, then maybe a fellow team member could speak to them and kind of point out it is not good work policy what they are doing. Hugs

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