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A Leak, Five Stitches, and A Pending Remodel.

Life can be a soggy mess sometimes, and when it comes to the past week, we’ve managed to just keep swimming. Now, don’t be alarmed. S and I are fine, but the Universe decided to test us as homeowners, and deal us the annoying task of dealing with an internal leak between our kitchen and living room. You may be thinking “that leak has nothing to do with why you didn’t post a new entry last week, Jamal,” and that’s fair.

I wasn’t able to post a new entry last week due to an emergency room visit, and five stitches being placed in my middle finger – on my writing hand, of course, because the joke is on me. I’m barely typing with my right hand at work, and I’m finally feeling like I can power-peck through some form of writing this week, so expect a number of short posts while I get back on my weekly writing schedule.

I’m looking forward to getting full use of my hand back, now that my general discontent and handicapped state is fading. In the meantime, we’ll be hanging out in our floorless condo, waiting on contractors, and planning a full floor remodel. There will be plenty of inspiration for future Gays in the Life entries, I’m sure.

Thank you for your patience,


P.S. Did I mention this all happened during our relationship anniversary week? Friday, October 23rd, marked four years of S and I being together. Despite everything that has happened recently, I’m still feeling like the happiest dude, and love everything about who we are as husbands.

5 comments on “A Leak, Five Stitches, and A Pending Remodel.

  1. First congratulation and best wishes on your four years. second I am sorry you got your finger injured. Not sure how you managed that. However owning a home is a constant struggle for peace, calm, and being able to handle things going wrong. In all my years of many home owning, my homes seem to take great delight in seeing if they can rattle my calm. Good luck, have fun and remember these are the days you will soon look back on with laughter. Hugs.

  2. Congratulations! Four years is quite the accomplishment! 😀
    Sorry about your hand – if I couldn’t touch-type I’d be lost. …and about your leak problem. Owning a home comes with so many complications, doesn’t it? 🙄

    • Thank you! Yes, the stitches were beyond annoying, and i’m STILL waiting to hear back from insurance so we can get our floors going. Wowzers lol.

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