A Hit of Productivity

by Jamal

Finally! Finally we cleaned up our once cluttered and disturbed garage. I mean, shit, maybe a car will actually fit in there after all! What is it about purging dust-covered odds and ends, and cleaning everything in sight, that makes one feel refreshed, freed, and intoxicated at the same time? While I can’t nail the reason as to why on the head, I will accept the fact that it’s great to find some potential for the space we ignored for almost two years; a storage that was slowly turning into a scene from Hoarders.

Making time to complete any task during the week is difficult, especially when all you want to do is kick up your feet and relax. Maybe it’s because I have S to remind me that “maybe we should clean up this weekend, like hardcore clean and organize everything,” or maybe it’s because I’m a bit of nag when I have a plan, or want to get something accomplished. We’ve taken the same approach with our closets – donating pieces we don’t fit anymore, and tossing items we don’t know why we purchased in the first place.

The idea of trying to be productive in the midst of the week’s madness is enough to encourage resistance, and promotes continued scrolling through Netflix – even though you probably can’t decide what to watch most of the time. I believe it’s the feeling of completing some level of productivity that satisfies us so much as people. We tire ourselves thinking about all we’d like to do, or really need to do, so when we do anything – even something as little as dusting the TV – we revel in the fact that we can check something off our to do list.  My suggestion? Keep working on that list the second you’ve completed the most recent task.  Netflix, Hulu, and the DVR can wait.