Why must romance plateau after moving in with one another? “We hang out all the time” was his counter after I hinted at wanting a date-night in the near future. Lying in bed, and keeping my voice at a neutral tone, my twisted face is hidden in the darkness as I process his response to my inquisition. I’m a self-proclaimed cheeseball, so the slightest touch of romance shared between the two of us completely satisfies me for a long while. Do I keep asking for a date? Do I wait around and sulk? Should I take the initiative, plan a romantic day, and lead by example? I guess I could, instead of waiting around like some pissed off Disney princess. Restaurants and creative, thoughtful nights on the town are more than appreciated, but there’s nothing wrong with a simple walk in the park on a beautiful day, or a day of exploration together in the city. Maybe he just doesn’t get it… a classic case of the romantic and the non-romantic.

7 comments on “Whine & Cheese

  1. I got similar I got an, “You keep trying to make this Ihop thing work” after nearly three months of asking. Since I am normally the won taking the initiative to make romantic dates. I have the right to sulk and mope like a mad Disney princess…

    • I feel ya! Our relationship is fine. I think sometimes i just forget that i can do these things as well. He’ll catch on one of these days!

  2. aguywithoutboxers

    Some of us just don’t always “get it” until it lands directly onto our heads. I know, I’m one of those men at times. Maybe take a deep breath, create a romantic outing together card, plan ahead and slide the card onto his plate at a meal. My partner does this for me. Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

    • Thats a cute idea! Definitely gonna try that. All is well in the relationship, and i should make more moves. Waiting around is just as bad 😛

      • aguywithoutboxers

        Best wishes! Your post helped me understand how my partner feels! 🙂

  3. Set the example and make it awesome!

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